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  MUGEN 1.0 RC7 Released
Posted by: Alastor - 03-25-2010 04:00 AM
2320 Views - No Replies

MUGEN is a 2D Fighting Game Engine .

Changes :
Options screen now uses font/options.def font if present. If Truetype, size adapts to game resolution.
Implemented Alt-Enter fullscreen toggle.
mugen.cfg: [Video] Implemented BlitMode=PageFlip (resolves video tearing).
motif: system.def: Added title param to [Options]
Bug Fixes

CNS: Cond trigger now works properly inside all comma-separated parameter lists.
CNS: Fixed projectile screen and edge bounds being calculated incorrectly.
CNS: Fixed projectile hits causing player hitdefs to reactivate.
CNS: Fixed screen postype explods incorrectly positioned during envshake.
CNS: HitDef: Fixed guard damage not affected by AttackMulSet controller.
CNS: HitDef: Fixed fall.yvelocity and fall.xvelocity scaled incorrectly in different coordspaces.
CNS: ChangeAnim2: Fixed reflection drawing position when other player has different scale.
CNS: Fixed TargetBind controller default value (0,0).
CNS: Fixed "no" debug spam.
Input: Partial fix for num lock and caps lock keys only working every other key press. Is still buggy on first press if state of key lock is on when starting MUGEN.
Motif: system.def: Fixed survival mode using selftitle instead of enemytitle for team selection.
Storyboard: Fixed drawing some BG sprites off-center in pillarbox mode.
Fixed 1P vs Team (Simul) advantage option not working
Fixed space bar resetting time in survival mode.
Backwards Compatibility

ver2002 backwards compatibility: CNS: Pos Z trigger will return the value of pXstartz in the stage def file that corresponds to the player (or root, if the player is a helper). This will only work for players with mugenversion under 1.0.

Added sff2png tool: extracts sprites from an SFF file.

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gba VisualBoyAdvance-M 945 Released
Posted by: Alastor - 03-25-2010 03:58 AM
2795 Views - No Replies

VisualBoyAdvance-M is a Nintendo GBA and GB/GBC emulator .

Changes :
fix linking on windows: remove unused "lspeed" variable from win32 .

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DS DSOne360 v0.1 Released
Posted by: Alastor - 03-24-2010 03:46 PM
2293 Views - No Replies

DSOne360 is a Nintendo DS emulator based on DeSmuMe for Xbox 360 .

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  WolfMESS v0.137 Released
Posted by: Alastor - 03-24-2010 03:41 PM
2109 Views - No Replies

WolfMESS is a Multi system Emulator Based on MESS for Windows.

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Big Grin Diablo II 1.13 patch released!
Posted by: nickblame - 03-24-2010 12:12 PM
4368 Views - 2 Replies

I know this is totally irrelevant to our site but it is just too rare and good news to have an update on this all time classic. A game over 10 years old gets revamped again. Check it out here:

*shadow will kick my @$$ Big Grin I haven't posted a single new on the site and now that I finally did it's not about emulation Tongue

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DS NitroGrafx v0.2 Released
Posted by: Alastor - 03-24-2010 02:20 AM
2295 Views - No Replies

NitroGrafx is PC-Engine/TurboGrafx16 emu for NDS .

Changes :
*Added support for the SF2 mapper.
*Fixed loading of roms with headers.
*Fixed sprite scaling when switching modes.
*Fixed directory cache misses.
*Fixed some CD-ROM emulation issues.

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SNES Snes9x GTK/X11 Version 79 Released
Posted by: Alastor - 03-23-2010 07:22 PM
2345 Views - No Replies

Snes9x GTK/X11 is a port of Snes9x v1.51 to the GTK by BearOso.

Changes :
* Now included in Snes9x 1.52. See the Snes9x 1.52 changelog for details.
* Added PulseAudio and ALSA sound-drivers and adapted existing drivers to the new sound core.
* Added a Serbian translation from Milan Kostić.
* Added lower-resolution icons.
* Added more configuration for the NTSC and EPX filters.
* Several bug-fixes.

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nes MacFCEU v0.5.5 Released
Posted by: Alastor - 03-23-2010 07:19 PM
2142 Views - No Replies

MacFCEU is a Mac OS X port of FCE Ultra the nes emulator .

Changes :
PPU: excess line is done at end instead of beginning (affects only debugging).
Fixing major lexical errors I´ve made all over the place (i.e., `x&2==0`)...
Cleaning up... correct file name capitalization (boards, mappers).
New ´NewCHRRAM´ method (put in cart.c).
Added iNES mappers 60(ResetBased4in1), 55(MALEE), 149(SA0036), 254(Pikachu Y2K).

MMC, mapper revisions/file separations include:
MMC1 SxROM (Event)
MMC3 TxxROM (Waixing, Nitra); appropriately renamed mmc3and6
MMC5 ExROM --0.5.4 had bad state file strings
Older builds require data that newer implementations no longer provide:
UxROM mapper 2
CNROM mapper 3
AxROM mapper 7
AGCI mappers 11, 144
BxROM mapper 34
Jaleco mapper 78
Taito 74*139/74 mapper 87
Sunsoft mapper 93
UN1ROM mapper 94
GNROM/MHROM mappers 66, 140, 240
H2288 mapper 123 (didn´t even call AddExState!)
King Of Fighters mapper 187 (didn´t work before anyway...)
Gouder 37017 mapper 208
Any number of things may have been broken as of result of rewriting.

Cleared up a state file issue where some strs of more than 4 bytes were passed.
** some state files w/ these bad strs may be incompatible as result **
** I can´t be 100% certain of two DMC sound regs HaveDMA/HaveSample **

Expanded the NSF ROM code: reason to write an assembler... saves/restores regs.
Finally, actually fixed NSF wave view! Arrggh!

Mac OS: Palette dialog fix for tileview (64 color cap), ref. to UPALRAM.
Video fix: slvn/slvp values weren´t being passed to FCEU!
Using internal video actually proved to be *slower*; removed the code.
Debugger: Another major bug fix in the command line (realloc last instead of 0).
Fixed stepover while JSR has breakpoint.
Command line: Cmd-left/Cmd-right now works as home/end.
Interpreter: getting ASCII sqrt to work...

MacFCEU 0.5.4:
PPU: initial delay of 20 instead of 12; fixes(?) Marble Madness, Pirates
slpf (scanlines-per-frame) has been replaced with slvn/slvp
CPU: ATX is now LAX; also commented out decimal mode code
Fixed PAL timing bug (was -=1 instead of -=cycles)
[Another old bug fix completed 100% "Ok" for nestest.nes]
Sound: corrected PAL DMC table, the lengths table, the noise *tables*.
MMC5 implementation: AB Sprite/Bg, write to $5130
VRCII, VRCIV and VRCVI mappers rewritten (all in one file).

[Fixed and separated the disassembler from ´debug.c´.]
Fixed NSF wave view (again).
Fixed a big cart.c bug I introduced some time ago; it wrote out of bounds...

Removed unsupported files [in] the zlib library.
Removed unused scaler routines. [I´d] write my own if I wanted to.
´driver´ directory is now considered outmoded here; ´common´ is now in ´src/´.
Removed the default compressed FDS BIOS contents for legal reasons.
Removed/moved/changed some core functions, merged files, added comments...
** Frame Skipping´s no longer supported, wasn´t used. **

Updated/fixed bugs for HTML docs; iCab now smiles.

Palette: "unv colors" were adjusted for Mac OS.
NSF view, using blank, uses the void color selected in tile view window.
Fixed cyan emphasis (zero misplaced rendered 0.101 v. 1.001).

Mac OS: Getting sound to play more contiguously...
Mute/Background in one submenu.
Conformed to UNIX paths in source.
Fully optimized M68K 2x2 screen multiplier (fastest).
Debugger: More vars, fixes, commandline click by mouse (MacsBug doesn´t do this).
Storage of executed lines and scroll (MacsBug Does do this).
Removed rate-fix ´B´ menu cmd-char for "scroll next" to work.
Fixed breakpoint clear bug (didn´t update pointer on deallocation).
Tile View: made view colors a little smaller for the PALRAM active colors.
Also, the ability to set a "void" color (subtitute bgcolor when off).

Interpreter: ~/ for square root (ASCII version).

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  Dioscuri v0.5.0 Released
Posted by: Alastor - 03-23-2010 07:16 PM
2358 Views - No Replies

Dioscuri is an x86 computer hardware emulator written in Java.

Changes :
* improved command-line interface options
* updated GUI
* Dioscuri can now be executed from any location on the host system and still finds it's configuration- and image files stored in the application folder
* started working on unit tests for CPU instructions
* improved Javadoc API
* various bugs fixes

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  PC6001VW v3.02 Released
Posted by: Alastor - 03-23-2010 07:12 PM
2436 Views - No Replies

PC6001VW emulates the NEC PC-6001 under Windows .

Changes :
2010.03.21 ver 302 update. The first aircraft 128x192 monochrome mode, 128x96 color mode Fixed a bug. Change voice tickers display system. Change the aspect ratio to keep the window maximize button. 0xB0 Mode SR VRAM port output is initialized to be modified to address.

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