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New year - no forum - new discord - nickblame - 12-10-2023

Hello and happy incoming holidays to everybody!
Did anyone notice the snow and santa cap on the site logo this year? I always switch these on in December but I wonder if anyone notices it :]
I'm sad to say that emunewz.net forum has finally stopped accepting new registrations.
There is no way to monitor 100 bot registrations per week for maybe one legit user registration that won't actually post anything in the forum anyway.
Please join our new discord server over here: https://discord.gg/6u2evT3mYW to stay in touch.
The old discord server had to go due to shadow's internal and unexplained/emu coder thought process so please hit the invite link again to join anew.

All the best for the holidays, happy emulating and happy new year a few days in advance!