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K-ON! Houkago Live!! - ULJM-05709
NTFS ,please see attach

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I followed all the instructions in all tutorials, but I still don't have music only during play times. I mean, I have sounds and musics everywhere in the game, but when it's time to really play and click in rhythm, music do not play. I can hear sounds when I miss a click, but that's all. I tried a modified version of PPSSP working with Sonic Stage, and music is working. But at the moment, I still want to use JPCSP because it's overall better. I have Sonic Stage installed, and all 3 files at3tool.exe, atrac3plus2wav.exe and atracplug.dll in the correct folder. Also, in the temp folder of the game, I have an Atrac folder with at3, oma and wav files. I can listen to the wav files, and the music that should play in game plays well in my Windows Media Player. Also, and unlike PPSSPP again, the video animation playing during the songs isn't working as expected. It freezes, but the game continue to run, the video is just stuck.

Not sure how I can help more, but I can provide logs if needed, and i'm also listening to all the answers about the music problem, which is the most important thing at the moment.

Thanks in advance.
it's possible the problem's related to r3088 and its volume handling change.
Quote:Improved volume handling in sceAtrac:
- added check on valid volume values
- negative volume means no channel volume change
- SRCChannel has another special volume handling

i already reported that a while ago, but it looks like gid didn't figure out how to fix it yet.
I tested with 29xx version too, same problem. I'll give another try to be sure.

Edit : Seems to work with r3000, both sound and video are playing as expected.
Hey,how do I load PSP save in that game?
Using the handle savedata in crypto mode in the options
Am I the only one with this cool sig?
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r3369 make this game screen bad.
Attach r3368,r3369,r3390 log

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.zip (Size: 13.02 KB / Downloads: 108)
.zip (Size: 28.58 KB / Downloads: 116)
.zip (Size: 38.12 KB / Downloads: 107)
(09-22-2013, 01:31 AM)sum2012 Wrote: r3369 make this game screen bad.
Attach r3368,r3369,r3390 log
Is it better with r3391?
Always include a complete log file at INFO level in your reports. Thanks! How to post a log
Yes fixed
(09-22-2013, 11:35 AM)gid15 Wrote:
(09-22-2013, 01:31 AM)sum2012 Wrote: r3369 make this game screen bad.
Attach r3368,r3369,r3390 log
Is it better with r3391?

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.zip (Size: 19.22 KB / Downloads: 106)

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