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Tales of The World: Radiant Mythology 3 - NPJH50353
half-playable @ r2188

current game status:
Game still has problems with audio some sounds cause an infinite looping audio, and battles currently you cannot control the character when in battle mode, this can be fixed by switching to auto mode [select]

[Image: oihb0p.jpg][Image: 20gchw7.jpg]
[Image: 30hrdvq.jpg][Image: 669fue.jpg]
[Image: 156fuq9.jpg][Image: 2dl17wy.jpg]
[Image: 285dz7.jpg][Image: vfkxuu.jpg]
[Image: 2cbotw.jpg]

------------previous game history-----------

r2043 - w/ decrypted eboot.
I don't expect this game to run anytime soon. but it might have something useful in the log..

had to make the log in text format since html is 100~mb also (unchecked "memory" in the custom log settings or file would be 600~+ mb and take over an hour for jpcsp to load :X)
let me know if you need more info from this game or a debug log Smile

.7z   log.7z (Size: 177.4 KB / Downloads: 212)

loads more smoothly now (no more 44 meg log file)
this game seems to really want to load libfont.prx, just doesn't give up trying.

Attached Files
.rar   log.rar (Size: 10.24 KB / Downloads: 145)
just an update since its been awhile since i posted a log for this game

info and debug logs in rar

Attached Files
.rar   Logs.rar (Size: 53.5 KB / Downloads: 120)
sceKernelExitDeleteThread SceUID=1a name:'cModuleManager' exitStatus:0x1c
hleKernelWaitThreadEnd SceUID=0x1A, callbacks=true
hleKernelWaitThreadEnd unknown thread 0x1A
It seems that the sceKernelLoadModule is terminating too early.
I've tried to improve it in r2188. Does it help?

Thank you, the DEBUG log was very helpful! Smile
Always include a complete log file at INFO level in your reports. Thanks! How to post a log
great work! w/r2188, game is now half-playable, or possibly even playable, it gets fully in-game, battles(auto mode), world map, movies, sounds(not voice), text (flash0 fonts),save&load are all working

there are however a few problems
1. when in battle you can't fight / control or move the character (have to set the battle mode to auto (select button) then the character will fight on its own)
2. when going over certain objects like the save points the beep audio keeps looping over and over non stop (this also happens in radiant mythology 2)
3. when first starting the emulator pauses with a few unmapped imports but clicking run a few times gets it going.

I played through the intro and first 3 assigned quests (about an hour of game play) without problems so besides the battle bug and audio glitch, this game is pretty playable and runs fast

Attached Files
.rar   log.rar (Size: 36.48 KB / Downloads: 135)
any advance on the second one?
(06-16-2011, 03:19 PM)Karen Wrote: any advance on the second one?

nope, I'll create a new log in the Radiant Mythology 2 thread though.

also updated the first post with screens for this game.
interesting r2190 triggered some kind of game protection (i think) right after pressing run.
I think it says something about the system is modified or unsupported firmware..

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)

.rar   log.rar (Size: 3.96 KB / Downloads: 110)
(06-17-2011, 08:34 PM)hyakki Wrote: interesting r2190 triggered some kind of game protection (i think) right after pressing run.
I think it says something about the system is modified or unsupported firmware..

I've reversed the sceGameUpdate module and added a draft implementation for it in r2193. Any differences?
yea in r2193 the game can start up again, still cant control the character in battle, not sure whats causing that - besides for that bug nearly everything seems to work again Smile

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)

.rar   log.rar (Size: 6.74 KB / Downloads: 106)

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