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Full Version: DXBX Unoficial Builds (Rev1275)
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Build's unoficial Compiled for me actually on the Delphi 2010 IDE.

http://dxbx.4shared.com/ (Upload last rev1275 1/11/10))

SVN Code source for DXBX emu

Update Rev672
Update rev706
Hi MaxiMu I'm Frog I just wanted to say thanks for the the builds of the dxbx emulator I appreciate it as well as other people in this forum keep up the great work or job at making a cool emulator if you ever need help let me know I have actual xbox one console system with some games but I can't loan it out because is it personal well I hope you have a okay day well got to go now I will talk with you later see ya later!
hes not making the emu, just compiling the sources
Frog186 No, I just compile the source code only sorrySmile

My support the simple reason if one day is prosperous and better every daySmile

For now cxbx emulator is better Tongue.
eeeeee this emu works ?? there are not a proof that it works with games
it can't play any commercial games. cxbx can which I compile at my site but it can only play 5 or 6 games fully
Hi cmccmc I'm Frog I just wanted to say would you be able to give me your website link so I can try out your cxbx compiled emulator? thanks for your time and patience and listening too well I will talk with you later on see ya later!
You have to signup to be able to download it
Also the version currently listed in slghtly outdated, he made 1 small change but im going to post a compile version of it in a little bit
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