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Full Version: DXBX Unoficial Builds (Rev1275)
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friend with all respect to all
a question, what is the point in a emu that can´t play nothing?i know that is very very hard all about xbox emulation bacause i know the sources and more about that....cxbx is a amazing work but needs more devs with enormous experience, the system is hard to undertstand is very different than the others, has a xbe conversion, is hle, works on directx8.0sdk is lacking a lot of graphical funtions, and there are a lot of problems with renders and texture and more, there are problems with the kernel and xbox games has a lot of video formats like .sfd that is hard to play.

someone would like to join the project and help?
what can be a solution for this emulator?

thanks and excuse me if i sound rude,
you seem to know nothing about how emulators work. Everything you listed above is the same for all emulators, every thing in emulation is complex. The only reason it's different than other emulators is because of the way they designed it. They made it so some instructions are executed natively, and the rest are just converted to native instructions instead of converting them all into native instructions like most emulators, also they attempted to convert the game into an exe which is strange. whats the point of an emu that can play anything you asked. It can currently play some homebrew and there being developed you don't expect emulation to be easy and it takes time especially when not much is known about the systems hardware.
thanks cmccmc for this answer, i know that every emulator is different and the xbox system and funtions are very hight level emulation, i read every explanation from blueshogun, and more about xbox architecture , hardware.
but do you you think that is posible that the xbox emulator doesn´t is advanced because there are only 2 or minors persons workin on it?
do you think that is possible that some devs take a interest in join them?..there are several years than caustik forgot the project, nobody here is interest?because only blueshogun is working on this, he can to teach at new dev how works the system and what is missing
thanks for your answer Smile
it would make the development slower but the reason more devs don't join the project is because caustik attempted to design the emulator in a non standard way
I have done a video


Edit : Update SVN1275 with librarys and party aplications (01/11/10)
Only remember how long it's take for PCSX2 crew to emulate PS2, and after all this years, still there is a games that it's not working.

You can also see the progress of development of CXBX emulator on: http://shogun3d-cxbx.blogspot.com/
Every day on http://sourceforge.net/projects/dxbx/ you can see updates, but nobody is compiling, even unofficially... why?
Goku Currently I have not much time, so I could not have it updated with unofficial builds sorry.

But do a quick summary:

- Need Delphi 2010 IDE or higher to actually compile the source.
- Open the project dxdxprojectd14
- Select a project Dxbx and mouse secondary boton give compile all.
I tried, but I'm very bad in that... if you find some time, please do some compile!
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