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Full Version: FF7 Crisis Core doesn't work
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Hi there,

I've just downloaded the last version of JPCSP and tried to run FF7 CR. I got this error message : "ERROR memory - write32 - Invalid memory address : 0x8 PC=0883EAD4" and a black screen ...

Then I checked in settings the case "Desactivate the memory reserved" something (I've the French version) and then, the game is running (I can see "Square Enix" + the next screen and then it crashes again ...

I precise I use Windows Seven and a Toshiba Qosmio with a NVIDIA GFORCE GTS 250M graphics card.

Thank you in advance.
using "ignore invalid memory adress" will solve the first problem, this and many other problems have already been answered like 100 times somewhere in this thread: