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Full Version: Run on acer1215n
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I want to know if I can run games on my acer 1215n, here is the spec:
2gb ram
Atom D525 @1.8ghz ( is a dual core)
Nvidia Ion2
I tried to run bleach 7 and it's kinda slow. I may say that maybe the computer is to weak but actually i can play lote of games such as devil may cry 4 and starcraft 2 and street fighter and fearr2 reasonnably. help Smile
I think that with your pc you can't get so much speed,atom processor are not so good for emulator,but you can prove with the last build here:

Enable saving Ge texture to Texture instead of memory (It will improve performance) wait for 1988 build because fix something more
yes I have the 1986 and it run with 4fps... :S
An Atom CPU is really slow. You shouldn't try to play any big game with it at all. You need a real computer with a real desktop CPU and graphics card.
not really i have a real slow computer and it's work's good not only good but pretty good on ful speed i think you should update your video card driver or dvice cuse i have an intel and cant play any new cuse my vram 128mb but stel jpcsp work's good on my pc
1gb ram
2.2ghz (doul core)
video card" g33/g31 128mb