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Full Version: How to report issues and ask for support
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There are 2 logs,

the one for the earlier version [attachment=24812]

and this is from the latest version [attachment=24813]
and another one from then


I'm facing this strange problem whereby when I go to the pause menu in Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, the emulator just freezes and there is no other way than to close and restart. Huh

Upon looking at the console log, I noticed this error during the freezing:
F {rsx::thread} class std::runtime_error thrown: Verification failed:
(in file c:\rpcs3\rpcs3\emu\rsx\rsx_cache.h:112)

Log file attached. Kindly provide assistance.

A lot of graphics improvements will be merged in the coming days, try again next week, it could be fixed.
Can anyone help me?I cannot load a game.And also everytime I boot the game with opengl as render , RPCS3 it ended up as not responding.

NB:I got the log by using null as render
The log file is 0 kb. Also rpcs3.log next to rpcs3.exe. Do not try to paste in console output, not the same thing.
Forgive me but I don't really understand.Could you please tell me which one is the log file?
The screenshot
Upload the text document named RPCS3.log (first text file under the RPCS3 application).
Stupid Windows hides file name extensions by default. http://www.pcadvisor.co.uk/how-to/softwa...s-3341794/
Thank you very much.I have found the log file
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