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Killzone: Liberation - USA - UCUS98646
Java and AMD are making JPCSP unplayable for me. I return to Java 6 since Java 7 + Catalyst 12.8 still giving me the error "Video Driver Stop Working" on Metal Gear and Ghost Recon and now, on every rev that i try Killzone gave me the error of old post:
(07-10-2012, 04:18 AM)montcer9012 Wrote: game always crash saying something about ERROR MEMORY X

I go back again to Java 7, update OpenGL driver version and ... Now this game is more smoothly than EVER Big Grin. Sadly, speed gain is not constant; is just a boost but a very important boost and is frecuent. In that order, i attach the log generated on that gameplay using Java 7 (The best gameplay so far) and 3 compressed logs of latest JPCSP rev using Java 6; all 3 crashed.

If someone have 5 minutes and want take a look please watch this video and then compare with r2684 video few post earlier:

Attached Files
.7z   JPCSPx64 - Several test under Java 6 Update 34.7z (Size: 8.83 KB / Downloads: 119)
.7z   r2703x64 - KZL Java7 Best working gameplay ever.7z (Size: 8.75 KB / Downloads: 141)
[Image: montcer.png]
With right options here and there this game can be playable. Still some glitches (Like the intro video flip) but they don't stop the gameplay.

Updated Software:
-AMD Catalyst 12.9 (OpenGL V
-Java 7 Update 7
-JPCSP r2740x64

Computer Specs:
-AMD A8-3510mx APU with ATI Radeon 6620g (512MB dedicated at 667MHz)
-8GB RAM at 1333 MHz
-Windows 7x64

Config Usage:
Configuration / Video
    [ ] Disable VBO (automatically disabled if not supported)
    [X] Only GE graphics (not recommended for homebrew)
    [X] Use vertex cache
    [X] Use shaders (experimental)
    [ ] Use a Geometry Shader for 2D rendering (only relevant when using shaders)
    [X] Disable UBO (automatically disabled if not supported, only relevant when using shaders)
    [ ] Enable VAO (only relevant when using shaders and vertex cache)
    [X] Enable saving GE screen to Textures instead of Memory
    [X] Enable decoding of indexed textures (using CLUT) in shader (only relevant when using shaders)
    [X] Enable dynamic shader generation (only relevant when using shaders, recommended for AMD/ATI)
    [ ] Enable the shader implementation for the "Stencil Test" (more accurate but slower)
    [ ] Enable the shader implementation for the "Color Mask" (more accurate but slower)
    [ ] Disable optimized VertexInfo reading (may improve compatibility)
    [ ] Use Software Rendering (very experimental, not yet complete, slow)
Configuration / Audio
    [ ] Disable audio threads
    [ ] Disable audio channels (not recommended)
    [ ] Disable audio blocking
Configuration / Memory
    [ ] Ignore invalid memory access (not recommended for test reports, but improves performance)
    [ ] Ignore unmapped imports (not recommended)
Configuration / Media
    [X] Use Media Engine
    [ ] Extract media files to tmp folder
    [X] Decode audio files with SonicStage (must be installed separately and requires Media Engine)
    [ ] Use debug font (disable flash0 fonts)
Configuration / Compiler
    [X] Use compiler (dynarec)
    [ ] Output profiler info to profiler.txt (only for compiler)
    [100] Maximum method size
Configuration / Crypto
    [ ] Extract decrypted EBOOT.BIN files to the TMP folder
    [ ] Handle SAVEDATA in crypto mode
    [ ] Extract original PGD files to the TMP folder
Configuration / Display
    Anti-aliasing:                           [OFF]
    Resolution:                              [Native]
    [ ] Start JPCSP in Full-Screen Exclusive Mode in the following runs
[Image: montcer.png]
Please move this game to Playable. Still having some minor bugs that by the way, are fixed by SoftwareMode; those are missing loading screen (Without SoftwareMode loading screens are just a black screen) and intro video flickering:

The rest of the game aren't good idea with SoftwareMode because it broke the color palette:

NOTE: The software images are located on the right side (The bright ones) of the VS images; the ones on the left side have common options (VertexCache, Shaders, etc).

Attached Files
.7z   r2841x64 - KZL (InfoLog+Profiler-SoftwareMode).7z (Size: 229.84 KB / Downloads: 129)
.7z   r2841x64 - KZL (InfoLog+Profiler-SoftwareMode OFF).7z (Size: 219.03 KB / Downloads: 133)
[Image: montcer.png]
Something is broke here. Game crash just before the intro video shows. Media Engine is on.

Attached Files
.7z   r3065x64 - KZL (InfoLog).7z (Size: 3.25 KB / Downloads: 129)
[Image: montcer.png]
(03-23-2013, 08:06 PM)montcer9012 Wrote: Something is broke here. Game crash just before the intro video shows. Media Engine is on.
Could you retry with r3068? I found an issue with r3043.

Thank you!
Always include a complete log file at INFO level in your reports. Thanks! How to post a log
Yeah, it is fixed. By the way, this game speed has been improved a lot! The sound is almost closed to 100% accurate and the video still has some faults.

Right now is better playable than ever was. Thanks.
[Image: montcer.png]

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