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can you play jpcsp online???
(12-06-2011, 12:20 AM)serio Wrote: when the devs decide to reverse engineer it and implement into the emulator, which can be anywhere from today to 10 years from now. lol

it probably won't happen anytime soon though, there are more important things to do for now, like fixing the savegame encryption format to actually work, finishing the reversing of the at3+ sound format and implementing it not to require sonicstage or implementing the dlc support.
I have not found any library adding support for Adhoc networking in Java. If you find one, that would already be very helpful.
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(12-06-2011, 09:07 AM)gid15 Wrote: I have not found any library adding support for Adhoc networking in Java. If you find one, that would already be very helpful.

Hello Gid.
How about this one, Java OSC library ?
In my final assignment, I've used this protocol library to send and receive data between two or more devices. Those devices can be connected either through Wi-Fi or cable LAN, but I think we can use Hamachi or any other similar programs to simulate a Virtual LAN over the Internet. Once they are connected, then we can use that library to communicate.
Basically we bundle those data into a packet, and then give a "name". Later, it will be received with a listener assigned to that specific "name".
After that, we can process the data in any way that we want.

I've implemented it in Android mobile to send data and then received by laptop or desktop PC. The objective is to control mouse, keyboard, and simulate a highlighter in remote PC via Android mobile-phone.

Hope it helps Smile

in this link hyakki gave instructions on how to play multi but only on LAN or same PC..
& as stated it only works for some games...
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JAVA: 6_38 & 7 (both installed but only 7 is enabled)
JPCSP: Rev. 2968

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