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Saki Achiga-Hen Portable -NPJH50803
edit:JAPAN name (?) is 咲-Saki- 阿知贺编 episode of side-A Portable
I test this game v1.01
Cannot load the game.
Tested JPCSP r3405.
Real PSP can load the game.
Attach loader debug log

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.txt   r3405log.txt (Size: 2.57 KB / Downloads: 4)

using r 3405 64 bit
goes ingame for me

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v1.01 is for balance patch.

Anyway,my other freind tell me that temporary workaround to get JPCSP to load the patched game would be to use a copy of the EBOOT.BIN from the game, rename it to BOOT.BIN and replace the original BOOT.BIN and rebuild the game.

This time I can load the game.
Attach loader debug again.

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.txt   r3405log_ok.txt (Size: 79.29 KB / Downloads: 6)

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