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Full Version: Saki Achiga-Hen Portable -NPJH50803
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edit:JAPAN name (?) is 咲-Saki- 阿知贺编 episode of side-A Portable
I test this game v1.01
Cannot load the game.
Tested JPCSP r3405.
Real PSP can load the game.
Attach loader debug log
using r 3405 64 bit
goes ingame for me
v1.01 is for balance patch.

Anyway,my other freind tell me that temporary workaround to get JPCSP to load the patched game would be to use a copy of the EBOOT.BIN from the game, rename it to BOOT.BIN and replace the original BOOT.BIN and rebuild the game.

This time I can load the game.
Attach loader debug again.