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Full Version: Jpcsp on Intel HD
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Please can some one help me,I have very low fps on Jpcsp and even though I tried many configurations I can only get up to 8-10 fps
My specs are :
4 gb ram
Intel HD graphics family
Intel core B940 processor dual core
System:windows 7 home basic 64 bit
Sadly that PC is a low ended one; there's not much you could do to boos it.

Best step you can make are end process working on the behind that are useless, enable VertexCache on JPCSP and, if wanna spend some money, a CPU between 2.5GHz Dual or Quad core + Nvidia video card.
Your PC configuration is very low,so at first update your PC configuration then do it easily.Confused
Actually its a laptop so I dont think I can upgrade it
Alright downloaded ppsspp 0.7.6 today and wwe svr 2011 and bleach heat the soul runs at full speed on my laptop even on my Android phone!!
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