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Full Version: Need help in understanding PSPudb
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Hey there for some strange reason it won't understand my two ISO formats that we have dumped from our psp ISO s are Innocent Life and Sonic Rivals 2, why can't I find those two on PSPudb on my image collection they're both ISO's so why can't it see it?
pspudb "understands" games based on the CRC32 of iso . These CRC's are stored in udb database . However althought database has over 6000 CRC's for isos , csos it doesn't cover all.

First try the latest build from our autobuild , since i did a major database update in latest version. If that doesn't work i will tell you what we can do to make it working Big Grin
Where's the autobuild may i ask and thanks Smile.
There is a link on emunewz menu . it says "Live Downloads" Big Grin
Rofl didn't see that there will look into it thanks Big Grin. Hope this one works way much better Smile. Can you guys also upload these emulators to mediafire, i find depositfiles are way to slow Sad.
Still having same problems it won't read my ISO format, but it reads the other's why? It shows my umd collection, most of the ISO's but not the two ones I'm looking for are there, they've disappeared Sad, please help Wink.
The only thing i can think of is the file-name, check to make sure it doesn't have Unicode or strange characters in it.
How do I do that? They both say Sonic Rivals 2. ISO and Innocent Life.ISO, is that how they should be Huh
As already mentioned pspudb recongnize's images from their CRC32 . It has already a database of known CRC (over 5000) but of course there are still more images to be added Tongue

SonicX: send me the userdata.db from your pspudb dir and i will try to figure out what is missing from database Big Grin
Will send it to you as straight away Wink. New attachment won't allow me to do it so I'll send it to you through rapidgator Wink.


there you go Wink.

And I do own a PSP by the way Wink.
Got it i will see what i can do Smile
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