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Full Version: Heroes Phantasia JPN(NPJH50558)
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Can be run in 2345
background is really destroyed? can you tell me your best settings for the game? thanks
Why is Keroro there?
because that's what the game all about.
Would it be possible for one of the coders to test this in the latest revision. It still loops on the title screen as per reported here: http://www.emunewz.net/forum/showthread.php?tid=23228. I don't know how to properly export a log file so I can't really send my own atm. Just wanted to check and see if any of the changes in the latest revisions actually made it playable.
>.> No response at all... man thats harsh...
Post a log , I don't have this game, the devs probably don't either.
(08-08-2012 12:34 AM)hyakki Wrote: [ -> ]Post a log , I don't have this game, the devs probably don't either.

Here's the one that I was able to run with.... I can't get an ALL log because the game ends up going too slow to start properly.[attachment=9260]
Would doing this from the link I had posted do anything bad to the emu?

I've tracked the problem to the jpcsp.HLE.modules630.sceAtrac3plus class in the following part (lines 51 - 53):
51 if (Memory.isAddressGood(samplesAddr.getAddress())) {
52 decodeAddr.setValue(samplesAddr.getAddress() - 2160); // Rewind to the sample's header block.
53 }
If line 52 is commented out, then the game can continue past the title screen just like in r2437.

If not then could itt be comennted out in the nex revision as a test. I mean if it would adversly affect anything else then could see the issue. Sorry about being a nag, I was just sad that it wasnt resolved when the solution was brought up.
Have you tried checking ignore invalid memory access?

What make you think commenting something like that won't adversely affect other game?
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