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Dragon Ball Tag Versus Trial - NPJH90135
This game was tested with commit 86c10922. There are graphical issues and performance problems while running the game on JPCSP.

If I try to load the EBOOT.PBP through "Load file...", the emulator shows the message "General error: File format not supported!".

If the following options are used, the textures stick out of characters, a black screen covers the majority of the foreground along with ghosting and the following log message appears:
[X] Use vertex cache
[X] Use shaders
[X] Enable saving GE screen to textures instead of memory
[X] Enable dynamic shader generation (only relevant when using shaders, recommended for AMD/ATI)
18:56:50  WARN       ge - Video Engine Thread - Unimplemented Red color mask 0xEF

Even if the options "Enable the shader implementation for the "Color Mask" (more accurate but slower)" and "Disable optimized VertexInfo reading (may improve compatibility)" are enabled, the black screen overlay still appears and ghosting is still occurring.

Here are recordings I made under both settings:
record-DBTVS (No Color Mask)
record-DBTVS (Color Mask & Disable optimized VertexInfo reading)

The External Software Renderer doesn't have the black screen overlay but has the ghosting and the environment has issues with rendering.

Attached Files
.7z   Log-86c10922 (No Color Mask).7z (Size: 143.36 KB / Downloads: 1)
.7z   Log-86c10922 (Color Mask & Disable optimized VertexInfo reading).7z (Size: 159.14 KB / Downloads: 0)

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