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minifire demo crashes out the emulator
minifire in the demo folder crashes out the emulator

11:41:05 ERROR compiler - root - Catched exception 'java.lang.VerifyError: Control flow falls through code end
Exception Details:
_S1_2_0x08900008.s()I @188: <invalid>
Error exists in the bytecode
0x0000000: b200 18c6 000c b200 18b9 001c 0100 acb2
0x0000010: 0022 4b2a 1223 b500 292a 2ab4 0029 0760
0x0000020: b500 2c2a 2ab4 0029 1050 60b5 002f 2a10
0x0000030: 14b5 0032 2a12 33b5 0036 2a12 37b5 003a
0x0000040: 2a03 b500 3d2a 123e b500 4111 206d 03b8
0x0000050: 0045 5912 469f 000b 1246 b800 4aa7 0004
0x0000060: 572a 124b b500 2c2a 124b b500 2f2a 124b
0x0000070: b500 322a 124b b500 362a 124b b500 3a2a
0x0000080: 124b b500 3d2a 124b b500 4e2a 124b b500
0x0000090: 512a 124b b500 542a 124b b500 572a 124b
0x00000a0: b500 5a2a 124b b500 5d2a 124b b500 602a
0x00000b0: 124b b500 632a 1400 64b5 0069
Stackmap Table:
' while compiling 0x08900008 (0x08900008-0x08900034)

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