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Kenka Bancho: Badass Rumble - USA - ULUS10442
7394c9b version
JPCSP stop after beat the first boss.

20:06:37  INFO hle.IoFileMgrForUser - MyThread-Disc - hleIoOpen filename = disc0:/PSP_GAME/USRDIR/SOUND/SND_VOM002.PAC flags = 1 permissions = 00
20:06:37  INFO hle.IoFileMgrForUser - MyThread-Disc - hleIoOpen filename = disc0:/PSP_GAME/USRDIR/SOUND/BGM_18.AT3 flags = 1 permissions = 00
20:06:37  INFO hle.IoFileMgrForUser - MyThread-Disc - hleIoOpen filename = disc0:/PSP_GAME/USRDIR/SOUND/BGM_33.AT3 flags = 1 permissions = 00
20:06:43  INFO hle.IoFileMgrForUser - MyThread-Disc - hleIoOpen filename = disc0:/PSP_GAME/USRDIR/EVENTDATA/MAP_003_RYOKAN_DAY.LZS flags = 1 permissions = 00
20:06:43 ERROR   memory - MyThread-Main - read32 - Invalid memory address: 0x0A000000 PC=0x0881E204

In the ppsspp logSadsame problem) ,it show the game use scePowerSetClockFrequency after beat boss
0:47:373 MyThread-Sou I[ME]: HLE\sceAtrac.cpp:1910 0=sceAtracSetData(0, 08400000, 000f2fd4): atrac3+ stereo audio
51:20:846 MyThread-Mai I[HLE]: HLE\scePower.cpp:369 scePowerSetClockFrequency(222,222,111)
51:20:849 MyThread-Mai I[HLE]: HLE\scePower.cpp:369 scePowerSetClockFrequency(333,333,166)
51:20:907 MyThread-Dis I[IO]: HLE\sceIo.cpp:2382 sceIoIoctl: Asked for size of file 4
51:20:946 MyThread-Dec W[FileSys]: FileSystems\ISOFileSystem.cpp:515 Reading beyond end of file, clamping size 196608 to 112996
51:21:114 MyThread-Mai W[MM]: MemmapFunctions.cpp:93 ReadFromHardware: Invalid address 0a000000 PC 0881e204 LR 0881e1c4

Someone in ppsspp tester tested in the real psp,force cpu clock 333 also hang in the same place.

Can JPCSPTrace can log psp clock ?
Attach jpcsp log

Attached Files
.7z   log.7z (Size: 4.91 KB / Downloads: 118)
edf2aca version that Invalid memory have fixed but there is another problem

Load the save from attach
Then go to "Move" menu
It will do infinite loading.
Attach jpcsp log and jpcsptrace log

Attached Files
.txt   JPCSPTracelog.txt (Size: 30.28 KB / Downloads: 90)
.7z   debuglog.7z (Size: 367.2 KB / Downloads: 117)
.txt   infolog.txt (Size: 18.55 KB / Downloads: 89)
.7z   ULUS10442SGL001.7z (Size: 168.34 KB / Downloads: 138)
I re-dump the game again.
Now no problem
can move to playable

Attached Files
.7z   goodlog.7z (Size: 473.1 KB / Downloads: 130)

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