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WinUAE v2.3.0 Beta 5 Released
Windows port of the UAE Amiga Emulator

Changes :

- version number bumped to 2.3
- few lines of non-filter scanlines was missing in bottom part of display
- audio DMA start interrupt is now immediate after starting DMA in too fast CPU modes (normally when audio state changes to 5), fixes EasyACDDA hang. Seems to be yet another audio.device bug when CPU and memory is "too fast"..

More CD related changes and updates:

- unified CD32/CDTV CD unit allocation, also internal unit number is always zero = GUI CD media change now work as expected
- CDTV frontpanel Stop now quits frontpanel/CD+G mode correctly
- added more obsolete SCSI commands: PLAY AUDIO TRACK RELATIVE (10) and (12) and PLAY AUDIO (12) (10-byte version was added in b4)
- CDTV subchannel hardware interrupt timing improved, CD+G works in cycle-exact mode now
- cd configuration code cleanups
- added mds/mdf image format (only v1 and first session, v2 appears to be scrambled..)
- cdimage0 in configuration file now disables all following units (backwards compatiblity) add 2 or more cdimage[0-7]= lines in increasing order if you want multiple units configured
- cue/ccd/iso/mds detection in zipped cd images stopped working
- moved 2048 to 2352 byte sector conversion code to generic image mounter code from CD32 emulation, CD32 FMV ROM now detects VideoCDs (and then it hangs)
- mp3 cd audio: detect audio length using ID3v2 TLEN tag if it exists, assume it is CBR MP3 if first 100 frames have equal bit rate, fallback to original slow full file scan if no tags and VBR
- remove mp3 decoding time from audio playback delay time, keeps av sync if decoding takes less than 2 seconds
- FLAC CD audio tracks supported (cue/iso/flac), perhaps this will be useful in future.. (remember to redownload if you want to recompile this or future versions)
- note that currently both mp3 and flac decoding needs to finish before playback starts which can take few seconds on slow machines
- some XP-only CD access issues fixed, tested on VMware workstation (donated by Cloanto). VirtualPC sucks too much.
- when looking for cue/iso/ccd/mds inside archives: do not attempt to autodetect (unpack) other files. CD image archives containing audio tracks should start faster now (all audio tracks are still unpacked at startup but previously they were unpacked twice)
[Image: 1913820.png]

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