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schibo, the author of 1964 (year 1999)
Ok guys this one was dug up from a CD somewhere in shadow's house. Back in the day (year 1999 boy is shadow olddd!!!) he went by the name expert. So they had a little chat over IRC (yes this ancient means of communication) and we felt like this interview belongs in here even though it is so old.

Quote:***interview from expert for the emulation64 from schibo author of 1964******

<schibo> hello
<expert-> hi
<expert-> are you ready?
<schibo> sure Smile
<expert-> well let's start
<expert-> First of all.(i think is everyone question).Why project called 1964?
<expert-> scibo?
<schibo> i give long answers Smile one mom
<expert-> ok
<schibo> Hehe.. that is a good question. I was thinking of a name that would sound like "Nintendo 64" and came up with 1964 Smile Then i had hoped to mix a theme with the year 1964 but could not find anything that would relate to emulation.
<schibo> The name has no other significance Smile
<expert-> ok
<expert-> Version 0.1.0 is playable.are you think that people must excite about it or it isn't time to celebrete yet?
<expert-> still with me schibo?
<schibo> ya, another long answer
<schibo> Yes, it is still early.. i'm not even certain which demos work and which do not at this point. Once we have better managed the interrupts, then many more demos will work. At least for the moment our 1964.bin demo works Smile Very basic framebuffer demos without much else will likely work at this point. I just received an email from an individual who told me of the 10 or so demos that he listed and tested, he was only able to get our demo to work.
<expert-> well i test some demos(like fire)but didn't work
<expert-> Sad
<expert-> anyway
<expert-> Is project goes as you expect?
<schibo> I think we are right around where I would expect us to be. Seeing some video was the first major step. There is still much to do, obviously.
<expert-> well
<expert-> last day you spoke about things that make you angry(like the sEMUf).I am not suppose that you think to leave the emulation scene?
<schibo> No, this will not happen. But I was upset by some of the offensive and outright distasteful comments made by some people in the message boards. I think they fail to realize that children can read that material as well. What is more, it shows no respect for the rest of the community to post such slander.
<schibo> (The comments relating to Semuf in the boards)
<expert-> ok how you feel that so many people work on 1964?Have place for anytheres?
<schibo> Only a few of us work on the core, and a number of others will be working on OpenGL, DirectX and 3Dfx. We are assembled fairly well i think.
<expert-> have place for anythere members??
<schibo> i do not understand the question, sorry
<expert-> i mean if project need other people or the team is complete
<expert-> and if you need help is which things(controllers,rcp,sound??)
<schibo> Good question. Right now I think our team is fairly sufficient for our current needs. However, there is always something that someone else may be able to contribute that isn't readily obvious.
<expert-> ok and one hot question
<schibo> sure thing Smile
<expert-> how far is 1964 from HLE emulation?
<schibo> at this point...very. Smile 1964 is merely an interpreter right now, which means that it decodes MIPS instructions and then executes them. Dynarec (Dynamic Recompilation) is the next focus first, but there is still much that needs to be done with the core before proceeding in that direction.
<expert-> ok
<expert-> one more hot question
<expert-> When 1964 will play Mario64???????
<schibo> hehe, didn't you already see our Zelda screenshot ? (That is a joke of course Smile )
<expert-> Smile
<schibo> Seriously, tho Smile that will take months. I'm not very good at time estimates.
<expert-> Smile
<expert-> nice
<expert-> one finally question
<expert-> Smile
<expert-> describe 1964 with 7 words
<schibo> Nintendo 64 Emulator with General Public License
<schibo> (does 64 count Wink )
<expert-> yes that's ok
<expert-> thanks very much schibo for the interview
<expert-> i enjoy your longggg answers Tongue
<schibo> YOu're welcome. And thanks to all who've believed in us even when we had no screenshots to prove our legitimacy Smile
<schibo> hehe ok cya
<expert-> bye schibo.And good luck to you on the project
<expert-> ****end of interview*********
I found a screen capture from the site posting the interview Big Grin
That site became later

I wanna see this "Zelda screenshot" that got so many people hyped back in 1999. :p

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