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WinUAE 2.2.0 beta 1 Released
Windows port of the UAE Amiga Emulator

Changes :
- less hacky cue/iso selection priority handling inside archives
- autoscaled top border was incorrectly positioned if program had always-on bitplane DMA and first background color change was later than vertical bitplane DMA start position (Shadow of the Beast)
- do not enable OpenAL or PortAudio support by default (there are some bad OpenAL drivers that crash when enumerating devices...)
- save also rom checksum to configuration files, configuration file checksum is now used to find rom path from rom scanner data if path stored in config file does not exist
- removed Windows 2000 compatibility code (mainly RTG guard page stuff)
- D3D mode is more compatible with crappy Intel integrated GPUs that have hardware pixel shader but only software vertex shader support (scanlines and shader filters should work now)
- WASAPI and PortAudio sound volume control supported
- 7zip support moved to static link lib, updated to latest LZMA SDK, PPMD supported (no XZ because currently only plain XZ (de)compression appears to be supported in SDK)
- static png and zlib libraries updated to latest versions
- virtual directory drive fake block device geometry and block size set to non-zero values to fix sysConfusedystem/format division by zero crash when started from WB
- cycle exact custom cpu frequency calculation fixed
- remove non-existing paths in disk history when selected (not automatic because they might point to non-existing network shares = "unexplained" slowdown at startup possible)
- 68030 instruction and data cache "cycle exact" emulation code added, (68020 and 68030 caches are slightly different 68020's cache is 64*1 longs, 68030's cache is 16*4 longs). Data cache can only cache fast ram and rom. (MMU is normally used to prevent IO and chip ram data caching) Because native expansion code (bsdsocket etc..) bypasses the cache, if there is emulated cache hit, data in memory is compared with data in cache and real
memory data is used instead of stale data in cache. (test read is direct access, it does not mess up timing). This also means you will have problems if you use old "68030 cycle exact" configurations, this mode was never supported. Not that this new mode isn't any better..
- made 68020 "CE" NOP slightly slower (move.w to somewhere followed by NOP: write must be complete before NOP finishes, Roots 2.0 / Sanity globe effect)
- Roots 2.0 / Sanity "flower zoomer" part gaps fixed (BPLCON4 color change has 1 lores pixel delay compared to direct color register write. AGA-only feature)
- sprite emulation change, removed few lines of code that was not needed anymore (I hope..), this fixes missing bottom part on Roots 2.0 / Sanity "flower zoomer" part
- directory filesystem uses now indirect memory access (read&write is still direct, no performance loss + cache flush if in CE030 mode), better compatibility with dcache and MMU (other modules will follow)
- 68020 "CE" mode movem and some other instructions used direct memory accesses instead of cycle exact fetch modes (=was too fast if accessing chip ram)
- power led fade hack emulation improved
- -disableharddrivesafetycheck command line parameter disabled, it is not needed anymore (it was made when there was no "is drive mounted in Windows" test) This parameter has also become THE FIX for every, even totally unrelated possible, HD/CF related problem...
- toggle between fullwindow and fullscreen if started in fullwindow mode
- fixed data coruption in input parsing if mapped key did not exist (different keyboard)
- transparent archive support updates and handle leak fix
- small filter panel GUI changes
- single/double/triple buffering option added to Display panel, also affects D3D now mode now
- enabling any "raw" input device disables all "super" devices if they have same device class (and vice versa) For example "Windows mouse" enabled, enable "raw mouse" -> "Windows mouse" gets disabled.
- GUI treeview and listview "hot underline" mode enabled
- missing input keyboard name and status lines added to configuration file
- Game Ports panel settings does not use special case handling anymore, input panel slot #4 is now "Game Ports" configuration slot, all gameports panel settings are always converted to this slot. (slot #4 because I didn't want add new slots and slot #4 is most likely to be free)
- slot mentioned above is used to store new easy to use new game ports input mapping
- added "Test" and "Remap" buttons to Input panel, both temporarily enables all input devices, disables GUI and waits for any input, when input event is received, input device and event type gets selected automatically. "Remap" exists immediately when any event arrives, "Test" stays active until F12 is presed. (or if GUI window becomes inactive) Only "raw" devices detected (for example "super mouse" and "raw mouse" don't really play well together)
- GUI listviews remember old cursor positions
- default caps lock key input configuration was incorrectly saved to configuration
- easy joystick remapping support finally implemented.
- autofire checkboxes added to gameports, sets/disables fire button/CD32 red button autofire, autofire rate modified, it is much faster now (test games and report)
[Image: 1913820.png]

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