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Dissidia: Final Fantasy - ULUS10437
Playable in r1672+
Optimal Game setting
[-] = Unchecked
[x] = Checked
[#] = Optional, use at own risk (usually a speedup, can cause crash / bugs, disable this first if you run into problems)
-When changing options do it before you load the game, or else you'll need to close and restart Jpcsp.
-These settings are only to be used as a basic template, I encourage you to find your own settings.

[-] Only GE graphhics (not recommended for homebrew)
[-] Use vertex cache
[-] Use shaders (experimental)
[-] Use a Geometry Shader for 2D rendering (only relevant when using shaders)
[-] Disable UBO (automatically disabled if not supported, only relevant when using shaders)
[-] Enable VAO (only relevant when using shaders and vertex cache)
[x] Enable saving GE screen to Textures instead of Memory
[-] Enable decoding of indexed textures (using CLUT) in shader (only relevant when using shaders)
[-] Enable dynamic shader generation (only relevant when using shaders rec for AMD/ATI)

[x] Use Media Engine (Works only with 32bit JPCSP)
[-] Extract media files to tmp folder
[x] Decode audio files with sonic stage (you must have ss installed for this to work)
[x] Use non-native fonts from flash0 folder

[x] Use compiler (dynarec)
[-] Output profiler into to profiler.txt (only for compiler)
[100] Maximum method size

[Image: 255jqzt.jpg][Image: bfm6af.jpg]
[Image: 24dnbs4.jpg][Image: 50lj82.jpg]
[Image: 2q00yom.jpg][Image: 1z175o8.jpg]
[Image: 6ylb0l.jpg][Image: 308k5tx.jpg]
[Image: f59bls.jpg][Image: 2na4rcm.jpg]
Updated first post.
crashes at loading screen with infinite loops
IGNORED: read32 - Invalid memory address : 0x0 PC=088E9874
IGNORED: read32 - Invalid memory address : 0x8 PC=088E9870

Attached Files
.zip (Size: 465.39 KB / Downloads: 826)
IGNORED: read32 - Invalid memory address : 0x358B358B PC=088E9874
This game seems to access random memory addresses. Is there any improvement with r1672?
(07-11-2010, 07:39 PM)gid15 Wrote:
IGNORED: read32 - Invalid memory address : 0x358B358B PC=088E9874
This game seems to access random memory addresses. Is there any improvement with r1672?
this game might be good enough to be moved to playable now
It seems to have really improved in r1672, now it gets past the loading screen and is playable so far, besides for some graphical issues. I have completed the first 4 battle stages without any crashes/lockups. and made it to the game menu and into the game played through about 5 more battles, so far things are looking good for this game.

Minor issues:
With the dissidia install data Installed it sits at the loading screen (although i don't think the install data is important on jpcsp, anyways the attached log is with install data).
Without the dissidia install data it gets past the loading screen and appears to be fully playable, but still has some messed up graphics, and some cutscene issues that can be skiped with start -> skip cutscene.

hykem might want to take a look at the intro video in this game it really jitters (one of the first games i seen this happen so badly, looks like someone is holding pause/play button even though the emu is at 27fps ^^)

I couldn't test with shaders enabled since the screen was all white after new game (I think this is because of the recent shader changes)
the game runs about 10~FPS ingame (without shaders).

Attached Files
.zip (Size: 25.95 KB / Downloads: 380)
Here is a video for progress, (might want to turn volume down :p)
this is amazing... another great title working
thanks for testing and making it work guys. It would seem different to a PSP generally by just the bkg but other than that, ppl would prefer it on pc

great progress guys!!!!

you are awesome..............
control lag is fixed in 1681
so this hasn't been officially released?
First of all, congratulations.

Second, I've got an issue while trying to run the game with r1686 under windows 7 64 bit: I can get past the screens when the game asks me to input my name, my tipe of gamer and my favourite day, but then the game freezes. FPS are still running, but they are very low and they refresh only when I pass the pointer on some button of the emulator. I use your reccomended settings but "Use Media Engine": if I try to use it, the game doesn't load, and the console shows many errors, lthe majority of them with the <Unkown Source> tag. Can you help me into running this game?

My specs: Intel Quad 2.66 Ghz, 4 GB Ram, Radeon 4800

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