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non-existent .gfx files (Condemned 2)
I read June's progress report on the main page and got excited that my two favourite games of the 7th generation of consoles have gotten some love and one can finally go ingame.
However I'm getting a strange error that might be related to how RPCS3 is set up? Am I missing something obvious?

When trying to boot up my copies of Condemned 2 (managed to dump both EU and US copies of the game), the emulator keeps reporting errors of missing .gfx files within the /PS3_GAME/USRDIR/game/interface/menu/ directory. No such files exist for any of the dumps, for Condemned 2 or any of the other PS3 games I have. Not too sure what's prompting the emulator to try and load these, and how you guys got around it? Have I messed up when dumping the disc data? Other titles seem to load without issues.

While we're on the subject Red Dead Redemption doesn't go past the cyan loading screen either, but I'm guessing that's due to Nekotekina's LLVM decompiler not being public? My GPU isn't the best but it should still muster a couple of in-game frames per second. Using the LLVM PPU recompiler bundled with the emulator doesn't make any difference compared to the interpreters, just takes much longer to load due to sandybridge files being created.

Thank you in advance.


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Missing files are expected behavior most of the times, so ignore those.

Both mentioned games need a build from a WIP branch that allows libgcm to be LLE loaded as described in the report in order for them to work.

Use automatic load though, libgcm is automatically selected in that branch.
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Laptop: Intel i7 6700HQ, Intel HD 530, 2x8G 2133MHz, Manjaro Linux
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Thank you very much for the speedy and detailed response.

I have now tried Jarveson's build - both Condemned 2 and RDR boot up as you stated. As per June's progress report, the former is running slow with graphical glitches and artifacts (which is still wonderful progress as far as I'm concerned) whereas the latter has a cyan overlay unless using kd-11's build, which freezes the game at the loading screen on my PC but it does get rid of the tint... Tongue
I'm only guessing here, but are these so called WIP builds not directly linked on the site due to them being sort of nightly, unstable offshoots?

At any rate, I really do appreciate the quick reply not to mention the progress the team made with Condemned 2. To be honest these are the two main reasons why I made the decision today to start backing you guys on Patreon. Keep up the fantastic work!
If you use this build that mixes kd-11's new PR with LLE libgcm build there's no more cyan incorrect colors in RDR and many other games, and the character in RDR is no longer just a hat and fully renders.

WIP builds are not finished, so, for example, in the case of LLE libgcm which is a huge task, you can't boot many games that currently work on master builds due to it being unfinished.
Desktop: Ryzen 7 5800X, Radeon RX 6800 XT, 2x8G 3600MHz, Manjaro Linux
Laptop: Intel i7 6700HQ, Intel HD 530, 2x8G 2133MHz, Manjaro Linux
Old Desktop: FX-8350, R9 280X, 2x4G 1600MHz, Manjaro Linux
Great stuff, thank you. Boots up and goes in-game.
As predicted, totally unplayable on my rig (less than 1fps) but the progress you guys made is very promising.
Thanks again for the prompt and constructive reply.

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