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Jpcsp movie playback - Intresting find for movie flickering (NVIDIA)
09-21-2012, 11:00 AM
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RE: Jpcsp movie playback - Intresting find for movie flickering (NVIDIA)
(09-21-2012 10:01 AM)hyakki Wrote:  I was bored so I ended up fooling with nvidia control panel and discovered a setting under vsync called adaptive, so I set it to half (my refresh is 60/59hz so half would be 30 (30fps), I assume for this to work for other people they would also need to set 60hz refresh for their monitor to get the 30fps cap (this shouldn't be an issue with modern LCD/LED monitors)

And I found that this solved many movie flickering and audio dysync problems that plagued some movies under jpcsp (so far I have tested in "last ranker" (now the movie has no flickering at all, used to be completely unwatchable due to sever flicker), Final Fantasy 2 intro movie flicker gone, Final Fantasy 3 intro movie flicker gone) , I will try to test more but I need to remember what other game movies flickered)
I looks like the video decoding is going faster than the sound can be played and the game is adding blank images to keep video and sound in sync.

There are parameters in Jpcsp to tweak these aspects:
sceMpeg.maxAheadTimestamp = 40000; // if the video and audio decoding are more than 40000 timestamps (about half a second) out of sync, an error is returned by the decoding.
scePsmfPlayer.psmfMaxAheadTimestamp = 40000; // same but for games using scePsmfPlayer to play the video
sceMpeg.atracDecodeDelay = 3000; // the audio decoding is taking 3000 microseconds (empirical value)
sceMpeg.avcDecodeDelay = 5400; // the video decoding is taking 5400 microseconds (empirical value)
Could you try to tweak these values and see if they have an impact?
For the flickering, I would try to either increase maxAheadTimestamp/psmfMaxAheadTimestamp (but this could cause the video and audio to get more out of sync) or increase avcDecodeDelay (so that the video decoding is not happening too fast).

Thank you!

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