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SmartGear v2.0.10 Beta Released - Alastor - 05-03-2010

SmartGear is a multi-system game emulator. This software allows you to play games written for classic handheld and console gaming systems on your Desktop PC, Pocket PC or SmartPhone. It currently emulates GameBoy Color, NES, GameGear, MasterSystem, TurboGrafx-16, and Genesis/MegaDrive. SmartGear is written in portable C code and can be built on a variety of systems. The mobile version uses optimized ARM assembly language components for maximum performance. The purpose is to accurately emulate your favorite classic games at full speed on any Windows device.

Changes :
1) Sound no longer hangs in Genesis when the settings are not Stereo+16bit.
2) Keyboard now works correctly when paused.
3) Paused game now repaints display correctly.
4) Background threads for networking have been disabled, please let me know if the gui is no longer "sluggish".
5) Removed "use GDI" option since it serves no purpose except to slow things down and cause confusion.