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A little question... - Ice Queen Z - 06-22-2012

I know this kinda weird to ask but I can't help myself from stop asking:


No wonder I saw many people were banned in Who's Online list..Tongue (Viewing No Permission page)


RE: A little question... - shin x - 06-22-2012

for me i didnt see any ?Smile

RE: A little question... - Ice Queen Z - 06-22-2012

Since I registered here, I had saw about 3 (maybe 4) threads advertising shoes...Big Grin

RE: A little question... - shin x - 06-22-2012

when i login i just click show today's posts and show new posts to see if sm1 needs help
talk to moderator or admin to kick those out or at least warn them

RE: A little question... - serio - 06-22-2012

i delete those posts and ban the accounts when i notice them, same with the other mods, but can't really do much to prevent them right now, they're posted by thousands of automated bots who evade the bans within minutes, not real people.

i mean, look at my account id, it's around 1200. ever since i registered, that'll be just 2 years, the forum got over 200000 spam accounts, they're registering and spamming in herds.

maybe in the future the forum'll get a better protection from them, but for now yeah, they can be only deleted after they do it.

btw. everything they advertise is illegal, either being counterfeit shoes or bags, or warez. lol

RE: A little question... - Ice Queen Z - 06-22-2012

I can always lend a hand if you guys (mods) ever need extra help in moderating...Cool

RE: A little question... - hyakki - 06-22-2012

I delete them when i see them, but currently I have limited internet access so a few spam posts might of slipped through last night since i had no internet access.
(a drive failed in my other pc so I need to reinstall linux, a very painful and time consuming task, that pc acted like my router :p)

Hopefully I can get things back to normal in a few days.

RE: A little question... - Zekro - 06-23-2012

We,the mods,delete them and ban them if possible before they make a post.Sometimes you see posts that doesn't have ads but 3 or 4 minutes later they will.Is agood way to spent time if you're booring or if you're almost allways on the forums.With serio's unleashed power there aren't so many bots XD
(It's over 9000!)jeje

RE: A little question... - Ice Queen Z - 06-23-2012

No problem, I will help you guys when I'm online...