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PCSP resurrection? - shadow - 05-17-2022

Got lazy today added a completely hackish emulator for minifire (psp code inside have hacks to run minifire demo only).

I am not sure if it will go further , i am just testing a few stuff Big Grin

(the recompiler is fast in win32 , you can enable it from MainWindow.cpp OnIdle function , still lazy enough to do a x64 version)


RE: PCSP resurrection? - gid15 - 05-17-2022

Nice to have you again on the PSP side Smile

RE: PCSP resurrection? - shadow - 05-24-2022

Some small cleanup and ported to glfx window system , and i got speedy minifire with interpreter Big Grin


RE: PCSP resurrection? - shadow - 05-25-2022

Discord channel https://discord.gg/M6kHyw52gR