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PS3_UPDATE - mccorkled - 01-23-2017

Hello everyone!

I have been following this emulator almost since the beginning and I am LOVING it! It still blows my mind people can backwards engineer a console like this.

Now that more games are becoming playable I am curious...

Can/should I delete PS3_UPDATE from all f my ripped games? Each is 256MB which is huge when compared to the amount of my games I have ripped to my PC. I assume there will be no way of updating but I do not know if there are other ways to update the games so I did not want to go deleting 100 game updates.

I was also unsure if they update folder and file are the same per game that just contacted the PS3 server and find the appropriate game. If that were the case, only 1 update file is needed.

Thanks Smile

RE: PS3_UPDATE - ssshadow - 01-23-2017

You can delete them, PS3_UPDATE is actually a PS3 firmware update, not a game update.

Also you brought up a very good point, even if you don't yet know why... Wink

RE: PS3_UPDATE - mccorkled - 01-23-2017

Thanks. I am into knowing why if you want to drop a hint. Big Grin