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Minor glitch & MyBB update 1.8.6 - Annie - 02-11-2016

This is a glitch I found, if anyone knows how to fix it (prob just creating that folder will work)

Plus, apparently the forum is lacking a MyBB update
Latest version is 1.8.6

Also, PHP 5.5.27 is an outdated version of PHP.
PHP 5.5 ended in 5.5.32 and current branch of PHP5 is 5.6.18

RE: Minor glitch & MyBB update 1.8.6 - Annie - 03-14-2016

Latest version is now 1.8.7 which fixes some vulnerabilities


RE: Minor glitch & MyBB update 1.8.6 - nickblame - 07-07-2016

Hey! Thank you very much for reporting these issues and sorry for the late reply Undecided

The error is no gone but we don't have avatar galleries so nothing really appears in that menu in user CP.

About updating myBB, we have loads of custom pages that will break, so we will for now stay outdated and maybe some time in the future we will (be forced Tongue) to update.

PHP version is fine, we should not worry as we use the recomended version by the cPanel. Updates are slow there too but they are done almost automatically.


RE: Minor glitch & MyBB update 1.8.6 - nickblame - 11-01-2016

I noticed that most moderators delete a post or thread manually and do not use the goodbye spammer button.

Do you guys know where to find that button? It really makes the process dead simple especially if the same user posted multiple stuff. I've just deleted a stupid bot user that posted 42 posts with one click.

Please let me know if you have trouble with the goodbye spammer button.