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0.36.8 released - shadow - 01-28-2015

new version of arcadeflex , the java port of mame 0.36 .

source code is available on https://github.com/georgemoralis/arcadeflex036 and it only needs netbeans to build.

cpu_setbankhandler_r , cpu_setbankhandler_w in memory


gsword - working driver
gladiatr - working driver , issues with nvram support
shaolins - fixed up shaolins driver and promoted to working driver status
stfight - working driver
jrpacman - working driver
travrusa - working driver
troangel - working driver
m62 - working driver
skydiver - working driver
mpatrol - working driver
yard - working driver


jailbreak - made it work but disabled vlm5030 since it doesn't work well
rallyx - only missing samples support
yiear - vlm5030 is bad so it's disabled

crimfght - works without sound
exprraid - fixed a few issues but still doesn't work
bladstl - added ym2203 sound (not playable)
xain - - added ym2203 but freezes after a while
combatsc - added ym2203 sound and fixed up sprites in bootleg version only
vendetta - not working
simpsons - fails in self boot
missile - missing analog controls
psychic5 - some issues in clipping
pacland -driver works without sound
skykid - driver partial works (drgnbstr works without sound , skykid freezes)

More opcodes to konami cpu
Added 6800,6801,6802,6803,6808,hd63701 cpu cores
Draft stuff for 68000 cpu core

Taito 8741 emulation

vlm5030 emulation (partial)
pokey emulation
ym2151 emulation (doesn't work)

RE: 0.36.8 released - Hykem - 01-28-2015

Great job! It just keeps getting better and better. Big Grin

RE: 0.36.8 released - gid15 - 01-28-2015

Really amazing!