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Texture Overlay Issue on PPSSPP - Black - 08-07-2014

Alright, so if my other thread didn't tell you, i got banned, this question is what made it happen. so if i get banned for asking it then fuck this site, of course you won't get to see me say fuck this site if i do.

My issue is with some texture overlay on 3 games, 1 is game breaking after a certain point, 1 causes a lot of issues and 1 just minor irritation. Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (gamebreaking issue) has some areas where beams of sun light shine through something like a hole in a forest's and cave's ceiling, I'm early in the game but know from previous play through of this game how devastating this issue will be as a certain cave dwelling dangerous worm like enemy (forgot the name) is fast, and requires visual at all times to predict his next move. if i remember correctly all areas have a place where sun shines through something and this will make encounters difficult to impossible, on Star Wars Battlefront 2 i go to Dagobah and can't see enemies through the trees and over hanging foliage (Monster Hunter also has this issue but a tuft of grass isn't gonna ruin my game) and Justice League Heroes (always wanted a DC version of Xmen Legends/Marvel Ultimate Alliance, apparently it came out before those) the tree issue is present but not game breaking, it also seems to affect Zatana's Coat tails as her legs and coat tails can not be seen through one another.

my graphics settings are
Mode - Non-Buffered Rendering
simulate block transfer is checked
frameskip is off as is everything except prevent FPS exceed 60, i turn that off cause it does on some games and gets me killed or ruins the video quality
fullscreen checked,
rendering resolution auto
vsync (no clue what it means but i usually turn it on in my pc games as well)checked
mipmapping checked
hardware transform Checked
software skinning checked
vertex cache checked
spline/bezier curves quality high
upscale auto
upscale type hybrid
deposterize checked
anistropic filtering 16x
texture filter auto
disable alpa test checked

those are the things checked and the settings of the other things.