DS msxDS v0.81 Released
Posted by: Alastor - 03-22-2010, 01:30 PM - Forum: Emulation News - No Replies

msxDS is a MSX/MSX2/MSX2+ emulator for DS/DS Lite.

Changes :
- MsxDS no longer crashes after MSX reboots.
- Scrolling of file name selected when it goes out of the frame.
- Memorization of path.


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DS iDeaS for Linux
Posted by: shadow - 03-22-2010, 12:00 PM - Forum: Emulation News - No Replies

Ideas for linux has been released :

# Fixed bugs in HALTCNT register and bios's routines.
# Fixed bug loading an external firmware.
# Fixed bug loading games.
# Fixed bug in plugins management.
# Fixed bug (ARM7 & ARM9) for opcodes that use PC register.
# Fixed some bugs in debug and memory windows.
# Added messages on console for Flash and Firmware memory.
# Fixes in GUI (linux version)

Download it from here :


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c64 C64-network.org v2 for Linux and Wii Released
Posted by: Alastor - 03-22-2010, 10:19 AM - Forum: Emulation News - No Replies

C64-network.org is a Commodore C64 emulator based on the Frodo source code by Christian Bauer. In addition to the features provided by Frodo, it adds network support and a port to the Nintendo Wii.

Changes :
Fix sound when paused .
Fix nunchuk/classic controller joystick controls .
Auto pause on menu enter .
Automatically save game info on screenshot timeout .
Fix multiple bindings to the same key .
Fix joystick input on the virtual keyboard .


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dos D.O.G. v1.6.6 Beta Released
Posted by: Alastor - 03-22-2010, 10:11 AM - Forum: Emulation News - No Replies

D.O.G is a frontend for DOSBox .


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  WinArcadia & AmiArcadia v13.06 Released
Posted by: Alastor - 03-22-2010, 10:03 AM - Forum: Emulation News - No Replies

WinArcadia & AmiArcadia are Multi System Emulators .

Changes :
Text-to-speech support (WinArcadia).
Miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes.

wa: improved dutch translation of menu items.
arcadia: improved game help for space raiders.
wa: fixed: asynchronous subwindows weren't being reopened when changing
languages (and menu checkmark states were also therefore getting out of
sync with reality).
coin-ops, chaos: now it doesn't suggest inappropriate names for saving.
incorporated samir's latest italian catalog.
aa: fixed: menucode2[] array had an uninitialized element.
wa: added "options|input|calibrate..." command.
fixed: dip switch editor subwindow wasn't being closed when changing
from malzak 2 to malzak 1.
wa: added support for text-to-speech.
now "settings|sound|speech?" is ghosted when neither pipbug nor chaos.
aa: fixed: sample config files were corrupt.
aa: fixed: redrawscreen()/updatescreen() weren't checking that the window
was open (caused crashes at startup in some situations).
aa: fixed: malzak 2 dip switch editor wasn't calling loadbigglyphs().
aa: fixed: ASTROWARS and KITRONIX arguments weren't being recognized
by the CLI argument and ARexx subsystems.
aa: fixed: no speech was possible when BANGAUDIO was not #defined (no
spare audio channels).


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  WinUAE 2.1.0 beta 18 released
Posted by: shadow - 03-21-2010, 07:25 PM - Forum: Emulation News - Replies (1)

- fixed blank RTG fullscreen 8-bit modes if "Match host and RTG color depth if possible" was enabled
- D3D RTG performance improved when whole screen gets refreshed (see below for more info)
- fixed original extended adf (factor 5 images) handling (broke in b11)
- command line parsing heap corruption fix (2.0.0 bug but only caused problems randomly)
- added "minimize when focus is lost" option to misc panel (for example if you want to emulate fullscreen alt-tab in windowed or full window modes)
- always capture mouse when fullwindow mode gains focus (like real fullscreen mode does)
- D3D Null filter does memory copy again because it might be faster (D3D internally uses "doublebuffered" textures if it is told that texture data will be completely rewritten. This prevents GPU stall if previous frame is still being rendered)

Download it from here : http://rapidshare.com/files/366392683/wi...100b18.zip

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  DCexel v2010.03 Released
Posted by: Alastor - 03-21-2010, 01:25 PM - Forum: Emulation News - No Replies

DCexel is Exelvision Emulator .

Changes(Google Translate) :
* New function to simulate the keyboard with the contents of the clipboard
* Removing the size limit of tapes
* Enhancement of the output tape, by integrating the signal over the sampling period
* Developer Version: display settings of the timer 3 TMS7042
* Developer Version: memory addresses and memory dumps VRAM
* Developer Version: dialogs separate the CPU and the WTP
* Several minor improvements to the emulation tms7000
* Several minor improvements to the emulation tms3556
* Programming the function 6 tms7042: initialize serial port and timer 3


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