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Full Version: Is This Specs. Okay?
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Mmmm, maybe a bad procedure of CEO's. Nissan were broke some years ago; they chose a new CEO and now Nissan is stronger than ever; same happen to Coca-Cola long time ago. Company's worlds is quite complex, but if they do the right movements they will still alive.
(11-18-2012, 04:33 AM)jlr2_08 Wrote: [ -> ]OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit
RAM: 16GB Ram
CPU: Intel i5 3570K <----- Edited. Typo Error. Sorry :3
VGA: Nvidia 650Ti

Thanks In Advance. Big Grin

Honestly your Specs is okay to do a job such 3d artist

Nvidia GPUs support of OpenGL is unmatched price/performance + CUDA cores (Nvidia GPU) for iray rendering is incredible

What about "PC for work and Laptop for games" ?

So AMD might go out of business. Thanks for all of your reviews. I think i will not be buying a new video card. I'm satisfied from what i have. Thanks Again.
read this AMD CEO Denies Sale of Company and Assets
and montcer9012 i always thought the cpu is more important than gpu until i was misled by everybody loooooool
in my opinion amd products are the best if you dont want to spend alot of money and you want very good performance
and hyakki you didnt answer the open gl compatibility issue
I think 3dfx also released a statement like that, I could be a ploy so investors dont pull their assets out but who knows, hopefully they stay in business so intel doesn't dominate the market (and prices) ,
As for cpu vs gpu, in games a dedicated GPU will bring massive performance benefits more so then a CPU will (nvidia graphic cards also have Physx, cuda ..etc), while gaming with modern pc games, my cpu is usually idle while the GPU does all the work, but in emulators then it's kinda split the CPU does a lot of work to emulate the system while GPU has to massively upscale and usually render unoptimized graphics causing a GPU hit, so it really depends..

I think the furturemark benchmark is DirectX only, as for the OpenGL compatibility and AMD, I'm not sure the specifics but I'm pretty sure ATI drivers usually don't follow the opengl standard, they sometimes miss parts of the OpenGL spec, thats why some drivers work better then others.
looooooool i meant furmark not futuremark !!!!!
here is the link http://downloads.guru3d.com/FurMark-1.8.2-download-2523
btw what are your specs
My point was:
-Weak CPU+Strong GPU= Poor results
-Strong CPU+Weak GPU= Good results
-Strong CPU+Strong GPU= Best results

And i still skeptical on the AMD thing. My father is engineer and he always worked with software like AutoCad, RSLogix and that kind of stuff; for work purpose he always uses Intel machines because he found Intel CPU's more stables than AMD, and i remember when i was a child Intel rules the market at the point that was very weird see somebody with an AMD machine. Now Intel still ruling the market but is normal found someone with an AMD CPU; even the game consoles uses ATI graphics so it looks like they have earned more market quote than ever.. (I don't know how this is on the US, but this is how things are on Latin America)
(11-21-2012, 03:39 PM)shin x Wrote: [ -> ]looooooool i meant furmark not futuremark !!!!!
here is the link http://downloads.guru3d.com/FurMark-1.8.2-download-2523
btw what are your specs

oh I misread Smile, Furmark is an OpenGL 2 benchmark, I don't think these cards started having problems until OpenGL 3 or 4, Plus I don't think that benchmark tests all the features of OpenGL it looks just like a stress test (ie generate as much heat as possible, using a simple render scene ).
I don't see many opengl 3/4 tests besides for TessMark and Unigine Heaven but they seem focused on just the tessellation features...

From what I've read it depends on the catalyst driver too, things seem to have gotten better in the latest catalyst driver.
You can see the supported opengl extensions with a program like "GPU Caps Viewer" (my video card supports 325 extensions (out of 350) where I think the latest catalyst supports around 236 extensions)
jlr2_08, better video card is not really needed for emulators, including jpcsp.
However, it might be needed if you want to play newest pc games in high details.
You can still stick to nvidia, for example next tier geforce 660 is great.
Of course, if you have money to spare. If not, 650 ti is still a decent card.
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