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Full Version: sonicstage for atarc3
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Hi hrydgard ,

Just wonder ppsspp will use sonicstage for atarc3 decoding like jpcsp or ?
i guess it is quite possible since there aren't many atrac3plus decoders.
FFmpeg has an atrac3 (only) decoder though
Yes , i think so .Unfornaturely sonicstage cannot decode mono atarc3+ .It would be great if soundforge can be supported (understand soundforget is not freeware but with trial version)

this thing could be tried then. using just one of trial version of soundforge's drivers it's able to decode both stereo and mono atrac3+, so the only problem right now would be to figure out how it uses the driver/reverse engineer the exe to learn it, and implement that into the emulator.

the driver can be obtained from sound forge's trial installation package and doesn't require the actual program to be running, just like the sonicstage method.
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