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Full Version: PSP Save to JPCSP not working
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Recently I've gotten JPCSP to work on my computer and I have been playing SD G Generation Overworld with it. I didn't want to start a new game entirely so I decided to transfer my PSP save to JPCSP. When I try to load the save file, I do not get the usual "0x corrupt messages". Rather it fails to load and returns back to the title screen with no message.

I have already try enabling and disabling the crypto option. I am led to believe that this problem is due to the fact that my PSP save was saved under 5.50 Prometheus-4 and hence it is the wrong format for JPCSP. Any thoughts, inputs or fixes?
The cfw should'nt be important,almost all psp saves work,doesn't matter the cfw.Did you select the savegame and pressed accept(can't remember correctly the name)
There is an encryption level that sometimes JPCSP fails to decrypt even with crypto engine on.