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Full Version: JPCSP not detect java 64 bit
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when i launch jpcsp the bat file always says there's no java 64 bit installed but i've already installed java 64 bit
what's the problem and what should i do?
well i'm also running win 7 x64, but i also installed the x86 java beside the x64 version. so far so good, i can play srw z2 for example.
perhaps u should try installing the x86 version of java and jpcsp? (i always use x86 version even if i'm on x64 windows)
Update ur graphics card
WOW I just got here (my first post actually) And I get to yell at you for not searching the forums first, SEARCH THE FORUMS! You have to edit the bat to point at version 7 of java instead of version 6.