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Full Version: Intel Hd Graphics 2000
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My specs: IntelHd Graphics 2000, i3-2120 @ 3.30Ghz, 4 Gb

I get 25-30 fps, but now I get only 12 fps. is it because i updated my graphics cardHuh
You could try reverting the changes. For example, i update my Windows 7 to service pack 1, install Java 7 and then install latest video drivers; the result of all those software update was a speed boost on almost games.

To found the source of that boost i try one by one until i found that Java 7 work better for me than Java 6.
Didnt help Confused
Are you sure you revert completely the OS to when it ran the game at 30FPS? And, are you playing the same game or the FPS result comes from another one?
It could be a lot of things, I think. The way to find out is for you to try to remember EVERY single thing you did before the actual slowdown of jpcsp. Share it with us.

For Intel Graphics HD I recomended Enable saving GE screen to Textures for up perfomance in several games Wink
The thing i did was updating my graphics card driver the old i had was like in 2010 but now i got an driver from 2012 and i did update sound to, btw i ran Final fantasy dissidia and naruto shippuden ultimate ninja heroes 3 fine. My fps was 25-27Undecided
I try and get back the old driver but all I can get is the latest: s