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Full Version: Jpcsp to PSP savegame(It works)
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Thanks to jeremymd.He found a way to use the jpcsp savegame on psp.Now how to do it:

You will need Magicsave from here http://wololo.net/talk/viewtopic.php?f=28&t=7893
Copy the contents of ms0 to your memory stick. Reset PSP for plugin to take effect.

Ok here we go:
1.We see the corrupted save
[Image: rbfpts.jpg]

2.Press + and - at the same time on psp and go to savedata
[Image: 2cr4k04.jpg]

3.Go to invalid data
[Image: 28jonm.jpg]

4. Check the box next to Invalid Data and change
SFO File and Decrypt. Type 2 for both usually works for me, you can try something
else if it doesn't work for you. Keep pressing Triangle to exit MagicSave.
[Image: 2guxq43.jpg]

5. Viola! Now you can go back to MagicSave to
disable Read Invalid Data and save your game to avoid doing this again
[Image: w828sy.jpg]

Many thanks to jeremymd for this finding and to kazuhira7 from wololo.net for the tutorial0

Edit1: in kingdom hearts birth by sleep the options are: sfo type 1 and decrypt file 3
thank you again for this post.. (^_^)
i'll try it to see if i can port my KH BBS save to psp..
i hate to redo it all over again..
*** Please be aware that magicsave has an option of saving and loading games from a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT DIRECTORY and that option is turned ON by default.

This might boggle some users who keep pasting their updated save from jpcsp to their psp but they still keep getting an old save data when loading.

The option to turn it off is in magicsave as well.

1. press + and - to open magicsave(while in title screen!)
2. remember that square is confirm, triangle backs up, and blue highlight is the active item when in magicsave menu.
3. go to +save data option
4. go to +backup
5. disable both load from magicsave and save to magicsave.

okies, thanks.. Big Grin
Plizzz help me to save data and save game white game Yugioh! 5Ds Tag Force 5 and 6 and i have all Data's Download teamwiever
(10-02-2012, 09:55 PM)Dane999 Wrote: [ -> ]Plizzz help me to save data and save game white game Yugioh! 5Ds Tag Force 5 and 6 and i have all Data's Download teamwiever

wait... say what again? Huh
i have PSP Emulators JPCSP v0.6 2758 and i have Error for Save Data/save Game
dude, are you crazy? take that info off here! lol
Done,I edited it
still cant load my save data. Dissidia 012. any ideas?
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