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Full Version: PS Vita Emulation
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Has been a while since PS Vita is out, but when we talk emulation it will be like the console was out today which mean in did is too earlier to talk about emulating it!

However, i wonder why the emulation projects came out when past a few years since the console was on the market; is because the documentation about how does it work is create from 0 (Cero), or just a legal thing?
It's because they have to reverse engineer.Also as you said when an emulator is made they need to know first the types of files that require to make them work.Look at the nintendo 3ds for example:It came out for some while but the games use unknown file sistems like CIA or CIX files,which they don't know how to make them work.The same happens with psvita.Maybe with some years it will have an emu.Look at the ps3 for example.
Have you tried a Vita? I don't; i am on expectation because PSN does not have a proper store on my country so i must use EEUU $ to bought games, which are difficult to get for some government states and i am afraid to bought Vita and then it can't run my old PSP games.
Well,I didn't have the chance yet to have one in my hands so I didn't try.Right now if you want to use the psp games on the vita you must rebuy them in digital format from psn or install vhbl and use your backups
Bruh, the thing's barely even been hacked.
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