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Is JPCSP still finding a legal way to display word such as japan , chinese ?
Yup its called rip the fonts from your own psp... lol
Yup, if you own a PSP you can rip the font folder from your PSP's flash0 folder and put it in the flash0 folder of JPCSP. Afterwards, you need to enable the "Use non-native fonts from flash0 folder" option in the Media configuration and JPCSP will make use of it.
Well, if your playing a Japanese or Chinese game I assume you have a psp from one of those regions. Just get the font off it that and put it in the ms0/font folder in jpcsp. I think you only need one. I can't remember what its called.
Thanks all.But why JPCSP doesn't try get font from the iso directly ?
Because the fonts are part of the PSP's firmware, not part of the game iso unless the game includes its own fonts which JPCSP does use. But for those games which use the PSP's fonts, you have to rip them yourself from your real PSP.
There are still plans to build a custom legal unicode font for JPCSP. I'm still looking for free fonts that could possibly be converted into the PGF format and be used as jpn0.pgf and kr0.pgf replacements.
I've already found some interesting alternatives, but the conversion tool (ttf2pgf) needs to be improved to work with japanese fonts, so that's what I intend to do next. Wink
Yay, making JPCSP both completely legal and legally complete is always a good thing. Keep up the great work, Hykem and the rest of the dev team!

On the other hand, my PSP is getting less and less use as JPCSP becomes more and more complete, and I guess it's supposed to be that way. My PSP will eventually break down but JPCSP will hopefully live forever. Big Grin
Thanks the dev team.Now in rev 2614,Some screen still miss some of chinese word.
Please still keep font update.Thanks.
For anyone using Win7 Ultimate: if you're missing fonts from any language, using windows update in "optional updates" category you can download anything you need, there should be over 30 language packs aviable for download.
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