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Full Version: Regression causing corrupted gfx to appear on game load
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After loading the game (before running it), the black background (fullscreen) displays garbage gfx. See screenshot. Even after a game is running, you'll see this crud during transitions or in the letterboxing areas.

What's weird is one time I saw it display images from the last game I played in Dolphin, as if it were showing the last thing in the vram's buffer or something.

I don't have too much time to narrow it down - I'm hoping you guys can figure it out. This started happening in revs released about 2-3 weeks ago. If I get time, i'll see if I can isolate the change that broke this. I'm surprised no one else has brought this up.

Settings attached as well.
I've seen this happen when "Saving GE to texture" option is enabled. Could you please confirm if this also happens with this option unchecked?
Ok, this issue is directly related to that option - only occurs if it's active. Nonetheless, I'm sure something recently has introduced this behavior. I've had this option on for months, ever since I found out that you need it to get hi-res gfx. But I've only observed this problem for a short while.
Still no change to this regression as of r2313.