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Full Version: Shaders
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Hello everybody, I'm here asking for help, or because the emulator does not work properly on my computer or my computer is in trouble.

Let the subject ... have a choice in configurations called "Using Shaders" or something ... presumably when it was active for many great graphics emulator stay, but when I activate the image is like the first image, and take the shader option works but with a very bad pick.

Well I wonder how I can enable this option to improve the graph of my game.

From already thank

PS: my computer imformation:

Processor :Intel Core 2 Duo 2666 MHz
4Gb Ram
Video Card :NVIDIA GeForce GT 240
Directx 11
Pixel Shard 4.0

Hi there.

First of all, you must be clear that JPCSP still being under development; for that reason some games need to be worked in order to make it work good.
Now, games on JPCSP are separated between PLAYABLE, HALF PLAYABLE. LOADABLE, INTRO or ENCRYPTED GAMES. Your game is listed like HALF PLAYABLE; that means that game need some improvement to run good.

You can take a look of the game status on the main game list:
Part 1
Part 2

On the first list you will see that the game of the question have two threads; the japanese one and the other release. Please check which one is your version (between ULUS10505 and ULJM05600) and make your post on the correct thread.

Also, i recommended see this topics for further help:
JPCSP for dummies
Guide: How to post a log