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Full Version: JPCSP can work faster on linux?
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is JPCSP can work faster on linux?
(07-24-2012, 08:20 AM)bugmenot Wrote: [ -> ]is JPCSP can work faster on linux?

Don't know about linux, some people say some games work faster. I only know jpcsp works faster on XP than on win 7 or vista. Not much faster, only few fps, about 5 max Smile
I think it depends in your pc or laptop specs
I install ubuntu system just for that.
5FPS worth it.
Because I play with 15FPS so it is an improvement of 25%.

But how do I install it on ubuntu?
same way as on windows, extract the archive somewhere, you might need JRE though most modern linux distributions come with it pre-installed or you can use the package manager to install it.
(java is pretty easy to install on linux too, if you don't want to use dist packages, you can just extract it somewhere and set the path in the sh file)
since you can't install sonic stage on linux you will have to do without that audio, though the media engine works for videos.

to start Jpcsp just run ./start-linux-x86.sh (or start-linux-amd64.sh .sh files are pretty much the linux equivalent of windows .bat files)

oh and make sure you install video card drivers, since the default generic ones probably won't work good or at all, configure xorg.conf to use the new driver and you should be good to go :p
you can find nvidia drivers here