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Full Version: [Guide] How to post a log.
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Please follow in this exact order or the log might not come out right.
First make sure you are using a recent Jpcsp build from http://buildbot.orphis.net/jpcsp/

1. Open Jpcsp > Debug > Tools > Logger > Show Logger > Select 'INFO' from the pull-down menu.
[use arrows on keyboard or mouse wheel if you can't select the pull-down., you can also press 'I' on the keyboard to select INFO, when the pulldown box selected]
[Image: 33dvc4l.jpg]
2. File > Load UMD (load your game) > Press Run.
3. Play the game like normal, wait for the error or crash.
4. Close Jpcsp, then in the Jpcsp main directory find 'log.txt'
5. Compress "log.txt" with zip/rar/7z or similar archiver.
[Image: 293d4sk.jpg]
6. Attach the compressed log.zip to your forum post.

If you use Jpcsp Launcher then you can just right click > Logger > Enable log. for the same effect.
(When you close Jpcsp, it will automatically compress all the needed log files for you, you just have to upload the pre-created zip file)
[Image: j9lsa9.jpg]

If you haven't already please tell us the specs of your computer [ie: Video Card, Processor, RAM and Operating System.]
(Posting a log won't guarantee a fix, it will provide insight to further investigate the problem as well as possible ways to fix the issue, The developers rely on logs since they don't own every game, it's up to the users and testers to provide this tiny bit of help!)

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EDIT (gid15): log file is now log.txt (instead of log.html).