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Full Version: Stumped- Voice acting for emulator
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I've been on this thread: Atrac3Plus, trying to figure out how to get Hakuoki- Demon of the Fleeting Blossom- to work. Everything works fine but the music and voice acting.
1. Do I have to get sound files and place them somewhere? Then run the programs that are said in forum.

When I looked for the "Atrac dir (e.g \tmp\ULJM05940\Atrac)", that folder was not in the tmp at all. I had to make my own, which I'm sure was not the right thing to do, anyway. I don't know where these files are supposed to go, or if I need any more pluggins. I have the tools, but don't know what to do with it. I already installed everything I was told to. I just can't put it together.

If you can help me fix the voice acting some other way, I would greatly appreciate it.
To get the best audio experience try this.

0. First Make sure you are using a recent Jpcsp build from http://buildbot.orphis.net/jpcsp/
1. Install a program called Sonic Stage 4.3
2. In the emulator Configuration -> Media , Check Use Media Engine, Decode audio files with SonicStage
[This should be enough for basic audio and video support]

This is optional.
3. Since sonicstage can't read mono at3+, You need another program found here
[Last page usually has latest version]
4. The above program relies on a program called "Sound Forge", you will also need to download the trial version of Sound Forge v9 or v10.
5. Configure mono_ATRAC3PLUS_Autoplay_assistant_tool set the paths to Sound Forge..etc
6. Do a quick game play in Jpcsp so the "tmp\<gameid>\Atrac" folder generates, then select that folder in mono_ATRAC3PLUS_Autoplay_assistant_tool, and click start.

That should be all that's needed, mono_ATRAC3PLUS_Autoplay_assistant_tool is a 3rd party tool so its not associated with the dev's, it also has some limitations (like it can't loop some BGM) , currently it's the only way to playback these types of files on the PC.

Remember Jpcsp is still a work in progress some audio formats / types might still not be decode-able or the game might use some custom codec for it's audio, if this is the case please post a log on the INFO setting from Jpcsp, The devs can assist further if they need additional information.
Quote:6. First do a quick game play in jpcsp so the tmp\<gameid>\Atrac folder generates, then select the folder in mono_ATRAC3PLUS_Autoplay_assistant_tool, and click start.

I think that's the problem, I have everything you just said. Did all the things. I open the game, and close it. But the " tmp\<gameid>\Atrac folder " never generated. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.
Since I don't see a thread for that game could you make a new thread under the appropriate section here

use subject as GameName - GameID
then post a Jpcsp Log on the INFO setting so the devs can see whats going on.

To make a log please follow in this exact order.
1. Debug > Tools > Logger > Show Logger > Select 'INFO' from the pulldown menu.
[use arrows on kb or mouse wheel if you can't select the pulldown.]
2. File > Load UMD > Press Run.
3. Play the game like normal, wait for the error or crash.
4. Close Jpcsp, in the Jpcsp directory find 'log.html'
5. Compress the log with zip/rar/7z or similar archiver then attach the compressed log to your forum post.
[Image: wwkn51.jpg]

OR If you use Jpcsp Launcher then you can just right click > Enable log. for the same effect.
(When you close jpcsp, it will automaticly compress all the needed log files for you, you just have to upload the pre-created zip file Smile)
[Image: j9lsa9.jpg]

If you haven't already please also tell us the specs of your computer Video Card, CPU, RAM, Operating System.

Thanks Smile
Thanks for all your help, I finally solved it by doing it on a different computer.
Now, the only thing that doesn't work is the soundtrack music. Which sounds more confusing. I'm satisfied with voice acting though.
(07-24-2012, 08:13 PM)arlayla Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks for all your help, I finally solved it by doing it on a different computer.
Now, the only thing that doesn't work is the soundtrack music. Which sounds more confusing. I'm satisfied with voice acting though.

Hello there ! I was wondering if you could tell me what you did to make it work. Did you just repeat the same steps you did with the other computer you had ?
Because I'm having the same problem with another game.I can only see Mpeg folders and a PGD folder. No Atrac :S
Can anyone help ?