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Full Version: newbie needs info
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I'm a newbie to the psp emu scene and need help. Dracula X still is not working correctly. It still freezes on the loading screen leading to the first boss and i have tried everything. Need new direction.

computer specs:
Intel 2 duo core
nvidia G-force 8400
Windows 7 ultimate
4 gigs ram
Have you tried re-ripping the iso?
Here too when the screen got back and say "Loading".

But it not freeze, because the FPS are still counting, it just does not load the next area.
I have tried everything listed and it has not worked. R there patches needed to make DRacX run correctly?
tried the updates. works better but still hangs on the first boss(es). anybody knows a easy way to fix this send a reply.
First, try checking to see if a thread was made pertaining to this game in the Commercial Game Discussion area of the forum. Secondly, JPCSP outputs a data log of the threads being executed whilst one is playing a game, so if you could upload the log (where the game hangs) it would be most gracious.