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Full Version: Nvidia 304.79 Beta broken shaders w/Jpcsp
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I have install those latest beta drivers and in r2601 i have broken shaders. Is it possible to fix that problem or should i use 304.48 beta drivers?
EDIT: fixed with enabling dynamic shader generation
P.S. One more thing, is dynamic shader generation supposed to make jpcsp faster or slower? Cuz i think jpcsp work slower with enabled dynamic shader generation.
Depends on the game and video card, on the 3rd birthday it gives a speed up last time I checked, since it dynamically builds shaders it could overload the video card driver so unless you have a really good video card that can handle lots of shaders it will probably be worse performance, and possibly some graphical glitches.

304.48 is virtually the same driver but with working shaders, it's up to you if you want to downgrade Smile
On my AMD card, enabling it is a must to get playable speed.
(07-08-2012 08:59 PM)bugmenot Wrote: [ -> ]On my AMD card, enabling it is a must to get playable speed.

Offcourse, cuz that option is for ATI/AMD cards Smile
Hey guys! I see 306.02 beta are on... has anyone experienced the same issues? I read they are the best latest version of drivers for nvidia... do you suggest me installing those? Thanks!
the 306.02 work fine for me (x64), but as with any beta software it could vary from user to user, so basically try at own risk, usually nvidia drivers are pretty safe though.
I tried them they work great with my modded gtaiv Wink
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