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Full Version: JPCSP 13 fps 32 bit and 64 bit crahes.
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Hey guys, I am trying to run dissdia final fantasy on the 64 bit which it does but when i am making my profile it crashes. Now when I run the 32 bit it runs ok until the fighting and cut scene when it runs at 13-15 fps. My pc isn't that slow at all. My specs is

Property Value
Manufacturer BIOSTAR Group
Family [unknown]
Product Name N68S3B
Serial Number None
SKU Number [unknown]
Chassis [unknown]
PC System Type Desktop
Infrared (IR) Supported No
DMI System UUID 03000200-0400-0500-0006-000700080009
UUID 00020003-00040005-00060007-00080009
Windows System Assessment
CPU Score 5.90 (Calculations per second)
Memory Score 5.90 (Memory operations per second)
Graphics Score 5.90 (Desktop performance for Windows Aero)
D3D Score 5.90 (3D business and gaming graphics performance)
Disk Score 5.90 (Disk data transfer rate)
Windows Experience Index 5.90 (Base score)
Disk Space
Disk C: 114 GB Available, 200 GB Total, 114 GB Free
Disk Z: 671 GB Available, 731 GB Total, 671 GB Free
Physical Memory 8191 MB Total, 5488 MB Free
Memory Load 32%
Virtual Memory 16610 MB Total, 13699 MB Free
PageFile Name C:\pagefile.sys
PageFile Size 8490 MB
In use 289 MB
Max used 345 MB
Registry Size
Current Size 148 MB
Maximum Size 2048 MB
The system clock interval 15 ms
graphics card nvidia 8800 gs
Ok I have the game running at 20 fps right now but is there away to increase by 5-10 more fps? Also sometimes my models seem to be half gone.
Ehm, the information you provided doesn't tell as much about your computer as I think you think it does. Open the start menu at the start panel and under run type dxdiag and run the dxdiag program. There is an option to save settings at the bottom right in a txt file. Copy that information in a new post.