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Full Version: crash win7 x86
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i cant get pcsp 0.5.2 to start after trying to load Final Fantasy IV.
windows 7 x86
p4ht 3.2ghz
geforce 7800 gt 256mb
2gb ddr
I know my computer is somewhat old but it supports sse 1,2, and 3. is there still an issue with the single core even though its hyper-threading?

I dont think my openGL is out dated either.
Are you sure that using windows 7 x86? If you are using 64 bit, be thankful you're still running even as crappily as you are. 191.07 killed my 8800 GT in 64 bit. Card can't be recognized in any environment, and reports error 43 in device manager. This mess has put my gaming on hold until I can get a replacement card.
FF IV is not in the playable games list of PCSP.
Try jpcsp
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